Yom Tov Children's Services and Events

We are delighted to present three events over Succos for children and youth at Shrubberies, booking is now open for all of them! Full details for all events can be found on the posters attached.


1) Come and decorate the Shul Succah on the Sunday before Succos with a delicious free breakfast! Children and youth of all ages welcome! Book HERE.


2) A fantastic Succah Crawl for boys and girls in Years 4-7 on the afternoon of the 2nd day of Succos (25th September). Book HERE.


3) 'Escape the Succah' escape room experience in the Shul Succah, with pizza and chocolate fountain for youth school years 7-11 on Tursday 27th September (Chol Hamoed). Book HERE. £3


Looking forward to seeing you there!


Mikey and Rivka Lebrett

Youth, Families and Young Adult Directors