Pesach 2018 Information

Information about times of services for Pesach, Fire Safety, Chief Rabbis's message, LBD, Seder Companion and more.


Seder Companion

You can either pick up a copy from Shul or to view and download click on the link. Here is the link to the Haggadah Companion:


Sale of Chometz

You need to sell your Chometz before Pesach. Have you sold yours yet? Click below to view and print 'Sale of Chometz' form which must be completed, signed and returned to the Shule Office by 27th March at the latest.

Print a copy by opening the pdf version. Click on: PDF icon sale of chometz form (3).pdf


Times of Services for Pesach

For security reasons, the 'Times of Services for Pesach' are only available to Shule Members. IF YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED IN AS A MEMBER then click on: Read Now

Please contact the Office for your 'PASSWORD' to the Members' section.


LBD Passover Information for 2018

LBD Passover information for 2018, including approved products lists, articles, FAQ's, timings, communal sedarim, KLBD establishments open for Pesach, will be available from 8th March 2018 at Those who do not have internet can request information to be posted to them from our office free of charge by calling 020 8343 6248 (leave a message on answerphone).  Our Passover product listings will also be searchable at


Chief Rabbis Pesach Message

Scroll down for Chief Rabbis Pesach message.


Fire Safety in the Home

You will recall that last Chanukah we had a very significant house fire in the community which initiated from a lit Menorah. Whilst this caused a lot of damage to the home, thankfully the occupants escaped without personal injury. The menorah was not lit with candles, but with oil-filled ‘EZ-Lights’: these do not always sit firmly into a candle holder. Please take great care with candles.


And only last Shabbos in the early hours of Saturday morning March 24th, we attended a home in Prestwich where high levels of Carbon Monoxide were recorded. It appears the likely cause was a blech left on a stovetop overnight. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, high levels can cause great sickness and may prove fatal if left undetected. Thankfully there are no significant injuries from this incident. Please be careful not to restrict the flow of air to a gas flame – this restricts the efficient combustion of the gas resulting in the production of carbon monoxide.


Foiling a gas hob has the potential to cause such an effect, if the air flow is restricted. Of course I appreciate the efforts to ‘kosher the kitchen’ but please take great care. I recommend you do not foil a gas stove top.


I would also ask that you encourage your friends and families to check electrical cables, particularly hotplates and water heaters at this time of year. If there is any damage to a cable or plug, or if the connections appear loose, please do not use the appliance. Appliances that are designed to get hot draw the most current and have the greatest potential to cause fire if any faults are present. A well maintained and looked after appliance should give you no problem, but a few simple checks will help keep you safe.


And of course: FIT SMOKE ALARMS on every floor of you home. Install a smoke alarm in a room where candles are to be lit. Test these weekly. Never remove the battery. Also please consider fitting a carbon monoxide detector. There is ample advice to help keep everyone safe here on our website:


I will be tasking my firefighters to hand deliver safety leaflets ahead of Pesach towards the end of this week. But if you could please support me in getting these safety messages across, that would be very helpful indeed, to help avert the tragedy of an accidental house fire at any time, but particularly ahead of the joyful times of Pesach. We must see this as our joint responsibility.


Anyone can book a free Safe and Well Visit at any time, where our firefighters will visit your home and offer advice to keep you safe from fire. We will also discuss how to develop an escape plan with your family in case a fire occurs. To book a visit please call free on 0800 555 815.


Please see below a link to a press release from earlier this week– feel free to replicate this article in any publications, and please do share through your existing local communication channels:

Safety Warning Issued to Jewish Community Ahead of Pesach


With kind regards,

Stay safe,



Ben Levy

Borough Manager Salford & Trafford

NWFC Single Point of Contact

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Tel: 0161 608 9220

Mobile: 07966 098580