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RepPresents - the newsletter of the Jewish Representative Council

Copies of RepPresents are available in Shule. To download your own copy click on:  PDF icon RepPresents Shavuot 2017 Final.pdf or to read online click here.


A Jewish Community Manifesto for Greater Manchester

To download your own copy click on: PDF icon Jewish Community Manifesto for GM.pdf

Working with the relevant communal agencies this manifesto identifies the concerns of Manchester's Jewish Community and has been created by the JRC and the Jewish Leadership Council to inform both incumbent and prospective politicians of the issues faced by our community. The clear and concise pledges within the manifesto seek to demonstrate the action that would benefit our community. The issues raised within this manifesto will require partnership with politicians and community leaders for years to come. It is hoped that this manifesto can serve as a foundation of work to be done during the GM Mayoral election and beyond.