'Friday Kabbolas Shabbos Children’s Service' and 'Children and Parents Learning after Shabbat'

'Kabbolas Shabbos Children’s Service' on Friday (15th December) evening and 'Children and Parents Learning' one hour after Shabbat. All welcome.


Friday Night Kabbolas Shabbos Children’s Service 

Friday evening 15th December 2017 and fortnightly throughout the winter months. 


Parents & Children Learning - Horim Veyaladim

1 hour after Shabbat goes out parents and children are invited to spend an hour's quality time together.

It is open to boys and girls, mothers and fathers. Bring along any type of Jewish learning eg. reading, Barmitzvah practice, Hebrew homework, mishna, etc. 

The atmosphere will be relaxed and non-judgemental with the emphasis on creating an environment suitable for all ages and levels.

Chocolates and sweets will be given out to all participants as well as weekly prize raffles.

For further information see Chazan Adam Caplan.